Keynote Speaker

Professor Oliver Richmond

Prof. Oliver Richmond is a leading scholar in the field of IR, Peace and Conflict Studies. He is the founder of the MA in Peace and Conflict Studies and contributes to its core modules in the Department of Politics at the University of Manchester. In 2019, he received an Eminent Scholar Award from the International Studies Association. He has worked with international actors, especially the UN, and civil society organisations in several conflict-affected areas around the world, and has also conducted fieldwork on local, state, and international problems of peacebuilding in Timor Leste, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Colombia.

Among his publications are his recent monographs The Grand Design: Peace in the 21st Century (Oxford University Press), Peace in International Relations (Routledge, 2020- 2nd Ed.), Peace Formation and Political Order in Conflict Affected Societies (Oxford University Press, 2016), and Failed Statebuilding: Intervention, the State and the Dynamics of Peace Formation (Yale University Press, 2014). He also published a Very Short Introduction to Peace (Oxford University Press,  2014), which offers an overview of the development of related concepts, theory and practices.